BIPLANT Transforming the traditional paper and plastic and mouth-to-mouth supports into a dynamic and virtual innovative way.

A technological platform that changes the way frontline teams communicate, transforming the traditional paper and plastic and mouth-to-mouth supports into a dynamic and virtual innovative way.
A technological platform whose mission is to guarantee the technology-team matching inside organizations, delivering coherent information, without losses and traditional biases and causing allowing sustainable gains.

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Technology changes the way industry teams operate and allows the introduction of simple principles for team communication and action in shop-floor. Another important aspect, is that technology can be interactive with other technologies for shop-floor, like AIs for recognition, maintenance management data and IoT interaction tools.

This complexity introduces new challenges and this platform, right in the middle of the production area, permits a fundamental gain. Biplant® analyses and shows information, according to their user’s needs, information becomes useful and simple, reducing losses and non-quality factors, permitting at the same time coherence through the teams, causing better alignment. The operational people are focused in the core business and they have the relevant information to take action supporting decision making.

Gathered information by area and management function:

Quality & Standards
Safety & Environment
Improve methodologies and processes
Maintenance & Performance

Skills evaluation
Meetings and leadership
Ideas management
Learning methods

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In order to guarantee the coherence of information, access to data has to be linear and unique, delivering the appropriated information to the frontline teams. This information is obtained in the production area, through machines or people, assuring the frontline teams do not lose useful working time, interpreting data or amending information. Collect and transform data from different points, machines and equipment, data terminals, ERP and MES, specific software, making them readable to the BIPLANT Platform.

BIDIRCO may offer the best solutions to capture fundamental information. Our team has relevant experience, in capturing and treating signals, through electronic technology and aggregated software, related to industrial automation. BiSystems solutions guarantee reliability in data when we are talking about frontline teams. Our experience demonstrates that best solutions may be developed to support front-end tools. In the end capturing software and HMI data are simple and agile in the frontline teams daily work.


Ability to work with data (measurable KPIs), treating and adjusting them to the needs of the company and frontline teams, ensuring consistency and reliability in the display of information. The solutions dedicated to data processing are clearly corporate, allying two characteristics that at first sight, seem to be contradictory. The first comprehend the flexibility to build the data according to the user needs, selecting sources, promoting appropriated calculations and building the suitable graphics.

On the other hand, since the characteristics defined can be exported and scalable, it makes each data processing both personal and aggregated. This aggregation can be associated with the frontline team, but also with the board of directors or the quality team, for example.

Routings Production

Map the tasks associated with the execution of the production processes, allowing the agile follow-up of changes in the production environment. This solution is a particular development from one of the components of the Biplant®, modules PANEL and PANEL PRO.

This development is justified by the operational need to accomplish the real-time execution of the planning actions, in production area. Constant changes, explained by challenges and constant market adjustments, inside operations are difficult to accomplish, so this product pretend to sequence and map the working progress inside operational areas, in real-time and visible to all frontline teams.