BIDIRCO Transforming the traditional paper and plastic and mouth-to-mouth supports into a dynamic and virtual innovative way.



Our achievements were only possible with the support of many people and organizations that have accompanied us in recent years.

As part of our history, we are proud to share their brand and contribution to the success of our project.


Designing Biplant 0.0 solution

Biplant prototype

Capturing Data and stock management

Analytics, Metrology and test data

Biplant 1.0 Maintenance

Biplant Renault PUET Board & Analytics, Tdb Indicators

Building our image

Know-how & knowledge origin

Commercial partnership

Tech development partnership


BIDIRCO - Engineering Systems, Lda. submitted an application to QREN – Quadro de Referência Estratégico Nacional.
The Project applied for the “Operational Program of Competitiveness Factors”, in conformity with the tender’s notification no. 03/SI/2012, according to the Regulations of the Incentive Systems to Innovation, was considered eligible on 25th October 2012.

The Project No.2012/26656 was approved under the following investment amounts:
Total Investment: 104.807,36€
Eligible Investment: 104.807,36€
Repayable Investment: 78.605,52€
Achievement Bonus: 50.599,23€

The foreseen deadlines to cover this investment plan are:
Beginning: 01-09-2012
Ending: 31-08-2013