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All these concepts, when related, permit not only to develop technological solutions aimed at business activities, but also to manage them in an easy, cheap and real-time way.
If your company has information from operations, BIDIRCO products enable sharing it with your operators in a simple way. Information is always available to the shop-floor near the workplace. The enterprise will collect data, where it is more convenient and will define its strategic or operational interest. Based on this fundamental decision, BIDIRCO systems will furnish selected information to the operator, manager or machine, respecting the alignment with business strategy.
BIDIRCO proposes interactive and bi-directional systems, allowing the procurement of real-time information from business activities, in any place or moment, just requiring an internet access point.
With BIDIRCO products, you can easily control your business activity and, more importantly, you are able to manage your business up to the minute.

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BIDIRCO creates communication solutions totally dedicated to enterprises, to control and manage critical industrial processes. BIDIRCO solutions manages four different dimensions supported by two technological axes .
The first one comprises the content, presenting management applications. The second one supports the technological architecture explaining the modular conceptualization.
The four dimensions integrate simultaneously the operator, manager, information and the interactivity between these actors, forming a workable network .
BIDIRCO joins up all these actors in a powerful management system.

BIDIRCO solutions present several advantages:


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Response to real needs:

  • Data acquisition
  • Electronic and mechanical processes optimization: efficiency and rapidity
  • Process automation
  • Bidirectional communication Human-Machine-Human
  • Industrial processes adaptation to digital era

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