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AThe integrable solutions are simple, modular, redundant and expandable. Each product corresponds to a set of activities that highlight and complete the company management.
These solutions correspond to monitoring and evaluation tools, directly related to the production lines and operation activities.
The products are based on customizable software lines that permit real-time bi-directional communication in industrial environment, supported by integrable and expansible hardware modules.
The follow-up frames to the operation activities become truly dynamic and are designed respecting specific requirements.
Their existence performs a task, but BIDIRCO solutions make it simpler, more attractive and effective.
The maintenance can be made by BIDIRCO teams or technicians recognized by our company, because there are no special characteristics or specific competences to proceed. This is in fact one of the product guarantees.
The applications support is remotely realized, forcing the continuous data upgrade in real-time.
For all these reasons the system presents low costs in acquisition, implementation and maintenance and increases the internal systems of communication, immediately reducing the Lead Times and the inefficiency and recovery Times.
Management and supervision become more efficient and the productivity gain is immediate.
Clients can observe efficiency gains of between 20-30% and productivity gains of between 10-20%.

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