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The development of BIDIRCO Management Solutions, required the definition of a partnership  with a business company, in order to measure and test the strength of the BIDIRCO concept. SONAFI was selected because of the existence of fundamental characteristics to support the BIDIRCO systems, permitting to develop and test the concept in a first approach to the market.

BIDIRCO established a technological partnership with INESC TEC, trying to aggregate and to solve development problems in different technological aspects as mobility, cloud and information in real time. These two partnerships are relevant to the BIDIRCO project, and represent a distinctive factor in the concept under development.

It was important the commercial partnership with CASA POMPEU, where BIDIRCO tested the first WAC Control System, permitting the industrial market entrance.

The initial presentation of BIDIRCO project to financial institutions and several stakeholders was only possible with FLUXUS participation, where the launching film was realized permitting the initial idea more concrete and perceptible.   See the project

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