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BIDIRCO was founded in January 2012, a SPIN-Off from INDEVE Group, after an useful and internal discussion for six years, about business processes optimization using IC Technologies.
BIDIRCO core-competences and distinctive knowledge are sustained by a set of consultants and engineers who aggregate know-how focused on operating systems from organizations in different industries and structures, deriving from financial services to extraction, or through large retail. From services to manufacturing BIDIRCO accumulates distinctive know-how around the more relevant concept in a deep changing world: knowledge.
Three factors allowed the creation of the BIDIRCO project: optimization and codification of processes, automation of production processes and selection of kpi's indicators focused on the shop-floor, starting from a complex system of information.

A future with values

We design technological solutions for management, involving our clients in capturing value in highly competitive environments.
We want our clients and partners to acquire distinctive core competences with BIDIRCO solutions.
We believe that in the near future new integrated management models will arise in industrial environments uniting managers, operators and machines. Enterprises will be managed from any place, with multidisciplinary teams and in real time. The internet is becoming more and more manufacturer-based, where the software and hardware atomization is a trend leveraged by mobile and cloud technologies. Management, control and maintenance solutions, promoting predictive actions, will be the norm and BIDIRCO's solutions and systems will be unique, as distinctive as the nuclear capabilities of our clients. This is the future we want to aspire to at BIDIRCO, for our clients, partners and friends.
BIDIRCO solutions guarantees productive eficiency, because they allow optimum working practice!


There is information and knowledge in the real world ... and the virtual, so BIDIRCO searches and extracts available data able to develop and construct business solutions (products and services) using innovative technologies.
BIDIRCO exploits and adapts the state-of-the-art of this emerging and surprising world of hi-tech to build new products and provide new services.

Bidirco team

BIDIRCO relies on one highly specialised team in two distinct areas:
designing systems tha provide the market with what it needs and acting on it to offer technological solutions to solve real problems. A team of engineers and managers who believe to have a mission to perform together with clients and partners. The BIDIRCO team is totally dedicated to your project, and available to sound out your management requirements supported by information technologies. The available hardware and software is standardised, so the parametrisation is quick and its implemention is easier. The follow-up after-sales is realized by the system itself. Any doubt or problem can be immediately solved.